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CD Liner Notes

Mr. John Tracy of the Decca label has written detailed liner notes for the DERAM CD releases of Camel's albums. The liner notes shed light over the band's history. Unfortunately these notes are unavailable on the London or OneWay CD releases. The original CD work on the DERAM releases also feature additional photoes and info, and I strongly recommend them.

The Liner notes collection was begun a few years ago; Some other people and U have typed in some of them and sent them to each other via e-mail. I have lately received new additions from Greg Chudov, Stan Rosenthal Magnus Eneskar and Genis Parra. Thanks!

At the current situation these notes are reprinted without permission, apart for Echoes. Click here to the top of the page

Articles and Interviews

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Camel Productions' Newsletters

CP has permitted to make the "Nature of the Beast" newsletters available on-line. You're welcome to browse it and learned what you might have missed...

I have done my best to make the web version of the newsletters as close as possible to the original format. Please let me know if you find any problems (spelling or layout) in these page.

The numbering of the newsletters is incosistent, but all the releases are here.

A personal favour, if I may: The original newsletters were printed on recycled paper. Please avoid printing these pages.

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Camel Family Tree

A Family Tree of the band was created by Pete Frame and submitted by Theo Kamps. I think it was available along with the 1979 "I Can See Your House From Here" tour program.
You can download the tree in two formats: Here is a complete (yet unreadable) view of the tree:

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