The Nature of the Beast...... Camel
Annual Issue/Autumn 1997
in rehersals
the day
Alec Nisic)


Camel wrapped up their 1997 tour in the UK with misty-eyed farewells to one another and to the fans. "I never thought we could top 1992" Andrew Latimer said "but this has been another fantastic tour". Foss Patterson (keyboards) and Dave Stewart (drums) joined Andrew and Colin for Camel's tour. Fans loved the quiet strength of Foss and shouts of "Great drummer!!" burst from audiences around the world as Dave, the youngest in the band, proved himself more than worthy of their admiration and affection. The months of intense preparation proved worth all the sweat and tears.

CP wanted the tour to continue as the fans turned out in force to support the band, selling out the majority of performances and making it a worthwhile endeavour. But schedules and prior commitments of both band and crew members meant the tour had to end and hopes for further shows in the UK and South America were dashed. With so many unpredictable schedules to coordinate, CP has decided Camel will not tour in 1998. Instead, Andrew will concentrate on writing the next studio album.

Camel's Unofficial Web Sites played a vital role in keeping the energy high. Fans posted photo's, reviews and general comments. Many wrote touching accounts of their experiences of seeing and meeting the band as well as meeting other Camel fans from all over the world. CP plans to have an 'Official' site soon which will be linked to all the 'Unofficial' sites, so check them regularly. They are lovingly maintained and interestingly designed.

Anti-clockwise from top: Andrew, Colin and Dave performing at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco; Camel thanking the crowd as a fan offers a hand of approval (photos by Jay Blakesburge); Foss at the Tivoli in Utrecht, Holland (photo by Gabey Ouwens)
We at CP are thrilled by the fans response. Not only was attendance exellent, fans supported the tour by purchasing t-shirts and Cds, the financial engine that drives the band. But, rather than expound upon the tour, we have chosen several photographs. Afterall, a picture is worth a thousand words...


Andrew and Colin have just completed mixing Camel's new double live CD. The emotive and spirited performance was captured on audio and video tape last March at The Billboard Live club in Hollywood. CP has elected to release the CD in the spring of '98 to coincide with the release of the video which is now in the final stages of post production. Video producer David Minasian says: "The band gave a breathtaking performance. I think Camel fans will be very pleased indeed." CP also hoped to release the video in Dolby Surround Sound although this remains unconfirmed as 'does the title of the album/video as The Beast goes to press. To order next March, use a temporary title of '97 Camel CD and '97 Camel Video.


An exclusive release to support the tour, CP has added another Official Bootleg to the series: Camel on the Road 1981. Recorded by the BBC during Camel's Nude tour, ...Road '81 was aired on radio and fans have long awaited the opportunity to obtain the recording on CD. Musician line up: Andrew, Colin, Jan Schelhaas, Andy Ward and Kit Watkins. Edited by the BBC for their broadcast, the 60-minute CD is packed with energy from start to finish. CP also added two new t-shirts to support the tour: 'Harbour of Tears', green with image of the Angel and "Camel on the Road 1997", desert yellow, 4 camels on chest, dates listed on a scroll on the back. 100% cotton, they're marked "new" on the order form.

On a Personal Note....

As the year closes, CP looks back over 5 wonderful years as an independent company. This is directly due to the strength of support accorded by fans. We at CP are ever grateful and often touched to the heart by this affection. Happily, we met many of you during the tour, enabling us to express our thanks in person. To those who wrote letters and sent photos, we send an extra thanks. We were all surprised by the overwhelming response to the tour and ask your understanding if you didn't get a reply. With each passing year, CP grows ever larger and in our effort to maintain a personal touch, some letters go unanswered but they are always noticed. The list of those whom we would like to thank individually is just too great to publish, however, there is one particular person who generously contributed a great deal of his time to CP far beyond the realm of reason and for this we extend a special thanks to Chris Now for sharing his wealth of knowledge of computer technology and above all, his patience.

We always hope you will choose to do some seasonal shopping with us so please get orders in quickly. As we do every year, CP will be closed from 15th December through 15th January.

In closing, whether you do or do not celebrate this time of year, we at CP will light an Hour Candle at midnight on December 31st to wish you all health, happiness and peace always.

Susan Hoover
Mtn. View, Ca.

Dave and Dodge in the bus doorway
during snowstorm in Slovakia
(Snapshot: Alec Nisic)
Colin and Dave: "Be Seeing You!"
(Snapshot: Susan Hoover)
Andrew during 'Rhayader' at
the Astoria in London
(Photo by Keith Curtis)
Dave when asked to sing on the
Camel tour! (Snapshot: Alec Nisic)
Andrew Latimer (guitars, flute, keybds, vocals);
Colin Bass (bass, bass pedals, vocals, keybds);
Dave Stewart (drums, octopad; percussion);
Foss Patterson (keyboards, vocals);
Susan Hoover (management);
Laurie Small (tour management);
Andrew Jones (sound);
Alec Nisic (lights);
Paul 'Dodge' Rodgers (stage manager);
Colin 'Kato' Clark (monitors & tamborine).
Old pal Pete
stopped by to
congratulate the
band and have
a giggle with Andrew
Susan Hoover)
Camel's Cast: Fron Row (left to right): Laurie, Alec, Andrew, Andrew; 2nd row: Susan, Dave, Dodge, Colin, Kato; Top: Foss (Snapshot source unknown)
HELP! Colin at the Astoria in London
(Photo by Keith Curtis)

Newsletter written by Harriet Stroud & Paris Ford
Edited by Salanarah Cook
Photos scanned by Brad Owen

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