The Paris Collection Liner Notes

Disclaimer: These Liner Notes are taken from the Camel Productions CD. The notes are published here without explicit permission. The original CD booklet includes pictures and info which is not available here, therefore I strongly recommend buying it.
Editors note: The original CD liner notes were rearranged and the formatting of the dates were slightly edited. All other texts are as in the original CD package.

The Long and Winding Road

1999Nov24thAndrew Latimer, Colin Bass and Dave Stewart unanimously agree to tour in Y2K and begin searching for a keyboardist.
2000Jan7thManager Susan Hoover gives the go-ahead to booking agent Paul Boswell who begins scheduling performance dates.
18thKeyboardist Guy LeBlanc arrives in San Francisco to discuss joining Camel.
20thGuy officially joins Camel.
April8thDrummer Dave Stewart e-mails Camel Productions to say he has accepted a position as manager of a drum shop and cannot keep his commitment to the tour.
9th-20thNegotiations with Dave are unsuccessful. Cancellation is considered.
21stCancellation gets the thumbs-down. The search for a new drummer begins.
26thColin suggests former band mate (X-Jethro Tull drummer) Clive Bunker. Everyone agrees and Andrew calls Clive.
29th Clive Bunker agrees to do the Camel tour.
May20thGuy arrives at Little Barn Studio to rehearse keyboard arrangements for one week.
25thAndrew and Guy record late-night, acoustic version of 'Slow Yourself Down'.
July17thGuy returns for 3 weeks rehearsal, prior to full band rehearsals.
Aug4thClive arrives at Little Barn Studio for rehearsals.
5thYears of alternative playing styles hamper Clive's ability to perform the difficult time-sequences. Doubt is cast he will do the tour after all.
6thSusan suffers serious injury while riding her horse and is airlifted to hospital for emergency surgery. She refuses to permit cancellation of the tour.
7thClive agrees he is unable to do the tour. Cancellation now seems inevitable.
9thColin arrives. Andrew, Susan, Colin and Guy agree to not yet give up.
10thGuy calls French-Canadian drummer, Denis Clement. He is available and keen but a completely unknown entity.
11thCasting fate to the winds, Denis is offered the job.
13thDenis arrives. Within 10 minutes of the first jam, the musicians have an incredible rapport. High energy replaces the tension. Tour Y2K is truly on!
21stSusan leaves hospital in a wheelchair.
24thFull scale rehearsal. It is the first time Susan hears Camel Y2K.
25thTahoe City, California: Warmup date.
26/27thSan Francisco: Camel's first official show of the tour is greeted with euphoria. Susan, in a wheelchair, is given a standing ovation.
29thLos Angeles: With video cameras rolling, the sound engineer fails to capture the audio. The anticipated DVD of Tour Y2K is shelved to the dissapointment of all.
30thSan Diego, California
Sept4thOsaka, Japan
5thNagoya: Denis video records the audience... for his mother.
6-8thTokyo: Andrew gets a head-cold. The Canadians struggle after late-nigt party.
10thHamburg, Germany
13thBydgoszcz, Poland: Andrew's cold escalates. Colin falls asleep at press conference.
14th Warsaw: Denis video records the audience again... for his mother.
15thKrakow: Andrew's cold becomes a bronchial infection. He continues a full performance schedule. Denis continues to record the audience... for his mother.
18thTorino, Italy
19thClermont Ferrand, France: To the great relief of all, the touring party gets their laundry done.
21stMadrid, Spain
24thVervier, Belgium: Hottest gig on tour. Band loses weight.
25thGroningen, Holland: As the band takes their bows, a fan shakes Guy's hand and pulls him off the stage. A monitor cabinet breaks his fall but fractures his rib.
26thAmsterdam: Denis now records the audience each night... for his mother.
28thRotterdam: Doctors advise Andrew to stop singing or risk damaging his vocal chords. Colin and Guy save the day.
30thParis, France: Despite aches and pains, Paris is the band's most fun-filled performance.
Oct2ndDudley, UK: Andrew chips a bone off his knee cap. He performs sitting down.
4thCambridge: Susan arrives from America and triumphantly walks into the gig.
5thNorwich: Andrew's knee is nicknamed "Chip".
6thLondon: Chrysalis TV video records a portion of the show for airing on Channel 4 TV's "Top Ten" series.
9thGlasgow, Scotland: Andrew has a relapse. Doctors advise complete rest.
10thDublin, Ireland: The Dublin performance is sacrificed to give Andrew time to rest.
13thThessalonika, Greece: The warm climate of Greece renews the entire entourage. With his knee strapped in a brace and his voice restored, Andrew participates fully in the last shows of Tour Y2K.
14thAthens: The Gods of Mythology smile down as the tour ends with riotous, sellout performances. All's well that ends well.