Nude - Explained
Based on notes by Shingo Doi

For some while I've been troubled by the story behind the album Nude. I couldn't make out whether Camel expressed an Anti-War decleration or was it simply a story of a war victim. What got me mostly confused was the main character who was both devoted to his country yet questioning its values, and in the end, being unable to live in it.

Nude's character is based, according to Susan Hoover, on the Japanese soldier Hiroo Onada. However, there were a few other soldiers who's story was similar, one of them being Shoichi Yokoi, who has recently died.

On September 23rd, 1997, Chris wrote to the Camel Mailing List, quoting from a newsfeed:

I've expressed my confusion on the List and was answered by Shingo Doi, who explained in detail his views on the story. As a Japanese, Shingo Doi expressed his own thoughts about the album and the character based on the knowledge of his country's history. Apart for minor editorial changes, this is Shingo's letter:

Shingo Doi's letter was forwarded to Susan Hoover (who wrote the concept for the album) in early December, 1997. Here is her reply:

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