Andy Ward

Andrew Ward - first discovered he'd never be a mezzo-soprano at school, and quickly turned to playing drums with teeny-bands in his school. While at school he came upon the remnants of john's Children, who were on the lam from Marc Bolan. Andy played drums with the remnants under various "dreadful" names.

Talent turnover achieved a phenomenal rate with the various aliases of the band. One of the bassists press ganged into the line-up was one Douglas Ferguson. Although the group was short-lived, Doug and Andy struck up a friendship. Andy was still at school when the band mercifully disbanded.

Doug then moved to Guildford - Home of the Stars --where he stumbled upon Anay Latimer. Latimer was then forming a band called Brew, into which he quickly pressed Ferguson's talents. Ferguson came as a package-deal rhythm section and so it was that Andy Ward joined Brew.

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