Mel Collins

The forceful sax playing of the urbane Mel Collins needs no introduction to those who have followed Camel's career in recent years. With an impressive curriculum vitae of session work behind him - playing with Clapton, Hari Georgeson, Alvin Lee, not to mention many famous rock musicians as well - he joined Camel as a part-time member at the time of 'Moonmadness' and toured with Camel on the '77 'Rain Dances' Tour. He has now decided that one hump is better than none (ouch!) and has become a full-time member of Camel.

Since the Rain Dances LP and tour, Mel has - deep breath - played on the Stones' 'Some Girls', Rick Wright's forthcoming solo LP, Phil Manzanera's next album, Bryan Ferry's 'The Bride Stripped Bare' and upcoming twelve-inchers from Gallagher & Lyle and Eric Burdon.

Not only, but also: He toured with Thin Lizzy around Christmas '77, as well as touring with the rest of the rock alumni who constituted Hinkley's Heroes. He also went toot and honk at the concert to celebrate Alexis Korner's 50th birthday earlier this year. In between breaths, he was also a member of the short-lived Retainers, and has fitted in a phenomenal amount of sessions.

He's also had his hair cut, girls, and declines to name his favourite breakfast cereal.

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