Andrew Latimer

Andrew Latimer fondly remembers that his first sortie into the world of music was playing George Formby's I Go Cleaning Windows on his trusty ukelele at the age of eight. Stunned by so rare a talent and at such a tender age, his parents promptly packed their precocious musician off to piano lessons.

But Andrew soon gave up his lessons and did not really regain his interest in music until his teens. Although his family were musically inclined, little Andrew spurned the musical paraphenalia surrounding his childhood.

Then one day Andrew came across his brother and a friend sweating desperately for a whole afternoon trying to learn Jingle Bells on the guitar. Andrew picked up the guitar and got it in five minutes. This, he decided, was the life for him! His Dad sent him to guitar lessons and although he is basically self-taught, he spent a few years learning classical guitar and music theory.

At the age of fifteen, he and his brother formed the legendary Phantom Four, toast of Guildford, who lasted for around three or four years and gigged heavily in Andrew's bedroom.

When the Phantom Four split, Andrew met Doug Ferguson, newly moved to Guildford, and formed a blues trio: Brew with him. Ferguson then introduced drummer Andy Ward and they were on their way...

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