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    Doug Ferguson

    Ferguson was the first to leave the original Camel line up, back in 1976, after the Moonmadness tour, as explained by Latimer - due to feeling uncomfortable with the jazzier music the band was pursuing. Doug then played with Headwaiter which also released a self-titled album. Contrary to what some fans think, today he is a property developer. He enjoys playing for fun in pubs with Big Jim Sullivan and others.

    Peter Bardens

    Bardens released two albums before forming Camel in 1972, and left the band in 1978, after finishing the recording of Breathless. He has since then pursued a career as a new age musician with several successful albums. He has occasionally performed songs with Camel as a guest musician, and is said to have kept a good relationship with Latimer.
    Bardens was diagnosed with a brain tumour during 2001. He was operated, but was eventually succumbed by lung cancer. Peter Bardens passed away on Tuesday, 22nd January 2002. Click here for Peter Bardens Discography

    Andy Ward

    Andy Ward was forced to leave Camel in 1982, due to alchoholism and drug abuse. Ward then joined Marillion for a brief time, and he appears in the video of Garden Party, though he didn't participate in any recording with the group. He is, however, listed in the 'special thanks' list of their Fugazi album.
    Andy has become a familiar musician among the Canterbury progressive scene. He played drums on Richard Sinclair's band during the mid 90's, and is featured on Sinclair's albums Caravan of Dreams, R.S.V.P and An Evening of Magic.Ward and Richard Sinclair appear on Todd Dillingham's CD, The Wilde Canterbury Dream.
    Ward has also been a member of Skaboosh, FF, Yukio Yung and most notably Bevis Frond.
    Despite his outstanding playing, Andy's addiction eventually caused him to depart from these groups.
    You can read more about him at Musart, and his own page (which he intends to develop) is specifically at this location.

    Mel Collins

    Click here for Mel Collins Discography, courtesy of Elephant Talk, Home of the Internet newsletter for Robert Fripp and King Crimson enthusiasts.


    Mirage was formed in 1994 by Peter Bardens, Andrew Ward, past members of Caravan (Dave Sinclair, Jimmy Hastings and Pye Hasting) and other Canterbury artists (Steve Adams, Rick Biddulph). The band made an unsuccessful world-tour, performing material by Camel, Caravan and the individual artists. Following this the band split up. A double live CD, Mirage Live 14.12.94 was released and is now deleted. In 1995, Peter Bardens regrouped the band with Steve Adams and two other musicians, under the title Pete Bardens' Mirage. The band attempted writing new material and touring, the output of that featured in Pete Barden's Mirage - Live Germany 1996. Following Bardens' departure, the band's 1997 tour got cancelled. The 3 other band members reformed as Hush.
    A bit more information available in Peter Barden's Discography, at this link, and you can also check out the band's home site,, and even order their 1996 CD.

    Colin Bass

    Colin Bass started playing bass in 1969, joining several known and lesser-known bands such as Steve Hillage, the Casual band and Clancy. In 1979 he was introduced to Camel by Steve Hillage's former manager, Laurie Small. Colin participated in playing and co-writing in I Can See Your House From Here and Nude before joining the 3 Mustapha 3 band during the 80s, adopting the pseudonym "Sabah Habas Mustapha" and releasing a hit single. Since Camel's return to form in 1991 Colin has played an important role, working closely with Andrew Latimer on playing and production of Camel's new releases.
    Colin released a CD of indonesian-influenced songs as his alter-ego Sabah Habas Mustapha, and recently released a second solo album, An Outcast of the Islands, featuring Latimer and Dave Stewart as well as members of polish bands Quidam and Abraxas. The CD was enthusiatiastically received by Camel fans. A review of An Outcast of the Islands is available.

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