Peter Bardens Discography

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March 4th, 1998

Before he joined Camel:

The Answer

 The Answer
 Don't goof with a spookie
 I can't remember
 I don't want to go home
 Let's get it on
 Homage to the God of Light

Peter Bardens: Keyboards, Vocals
Steve Ellis: Vocal
Andy Gee: Guitar
Reg Isadore: Drums
Linda Lewis: Vocal
Alan Marshall: Vocal, Percussion
Bruce Thomas: Bass
David Wooley: Vocal

The cover features Bardens sitting in a garden, looking very pleased, as
several girls dressed in bikini swim suits are standing around him.

  • Note "Homage to the God of Light" is the origin of Camel's performance of "God of Light". Tech: LP: Verve 3088, MGM ??, Transatlantic Records TRA 222, Released September 1970
    1971 - Peter Bardens Tech: LP: Transatlantic Records TRA 243, Released July 1971
  • According to John Tracy, Peter Bardens had only two solo albums before he joined Camel. Apparently, he referred to _Write My Name in Dust_ when he mentioned this _Peter Bardens_ title.
    1971 - Write My Name in Dust North end road Write my name in the dust Down so long Sweet honey wine Tear down the wall Simple song My house Feeling hugh Blueser Peter Bardens: Keyboards, Vocals Victor Brox: Violin, Vocals Andy Gee: Guitar Reg Isadore: Drums John Owen: Bass Maxine Offla: Vocal Linda Lewis: Vocal Judy Powell: Vocal Liza Strike: Vocal Anita Pollinger: Vocal Tech: LP: Verve 3091
    1976 Vintage 69 The Answer Don't Goof with a spookie I can't remember I don't want to go home Write my name in the dust Homage to the god of light Peter Bardens: Keyboards, Vocals Steve Ellis: Vocal Andy Gee: Guitar Peter Green: Guitar Reg Isadore: Drums Linda Lewis: Vocal Alan Marshall: Vocal, Percussion Bruce Thomas: Bass David Wooley: Vocal John Owen: Bass Linda Lewis: Vocal Judith Powell: Vocal Liza Strinke: Vocal Anita Pollinger: Vocal B/w picture of Bardens on the cover, some notes on the back. My version of this album is a limited issue in CLEAR vinyl (it is transparent!)
  • This is mostly, a reissue of Bardens' first album, with one track from _Write My Name in the Dust_. Tect: LP: Transatlantic TRA SAM 36 *** After leaving Camel: 1979 Heart to Heart Julia Doing the crab Slipstream Raining all over the world Jinxed After dark Slow motion Tune for Des Heart to heart Peter Bardens: Keyboards, Vocals Mel Collins: Sax Gus Isadore: Guitar, Vocals Chris Karan: Percussion Stan Scrivener: Bass Peter Shade: Backing Vocals Peter Van Hooke: Drums "Video" image of Bardens in dark blue and black.
  • The Artist name is presented as "Pete Bardens" Tech: LP: Arista 1108
    1987 Seen One Earth Seascape Man Alive Seen one earth Home thoughts Prelude In Dreams Stargate Many happy returns Peter Bardens: Synthesizer, Piano, Drums, Moog Synthesizer Adrian Dessent: Guitar Honey Hylton: Vocals Neil Lockwood: Vocals Peter Van Hooke: Drums
  • A concept albums, based on the space exploration and astronaut book "The Right Stuff" {Linda Kohanov, All-Music Guide) Tech: LP: Cinema ST-12555, Capitol 46868 MC: Cinema C4-46868, C4-12555 CD: Capitol 46868, Atlantic CDP7458682 Reached Billboard #148.
    1988 Speed of Light Westward ho! Black elk Gold This could be paradise Afterthought Speed of light Whisper in the wind Heartland Columbine Gold (reprise) Peter Bardens: Keyboards Mick Fleetwood: Drums David Foster: Bass Russell Gilbrook: Drums Honey Hylton: Vocals Neil Lockwood: Vocals Neale Neywood: Guitar Neil Nicholas: Vocals
  • A followup to the popular Seen One Earth
  • "Gold" was also released as a single CD, Atlantic DPRO79360 Tech: MC: Cinema C4-48967 CD: Capitol 48967, Cinema C2-48967
    1991 Watercolors Journey De Profundis Higher Ground Yellowstone Blue Is It Any Wonder Water Colors Shape of the Rain Timepiece Ghostwater Pete Bardens: Keyboards Jethro Foxx: Percussion, Drums Neale Heywood: Guitar Mychal Lomas: Bass, Vocals Syreeta Wright: Vocals
  • Water Colors is considered as Bardens best solo album. Tech: MC: Miramar MPC-4001 CD: Miramar MPCD-4001
    1993 Further than you know Sometime Dream Catcher Sea of Dreams Real Time Coco Loco Further Than You Know Bad Boy (Redemption Song) This Could Be Like Heaven Rain Talk Pete Bardens: Keyboards, Vocals Steve Adams: Guitar Jethro DeFries: Percussion, Drums Neale Heywood: Guitar Mychal Lomas: Bass, Background Vocals Julia Tillman Waters: Background Vocals Maxine Willard-Waters:Background Vocals Tech: CD: Miramar 2601
    1995 Big Sky Tech: CD: HTD 22

    Other Contributions

    Peter played with various artists as a session musician. Please check out the All Music Guide under the subject of Peter Bardens Peter Bardens also played with Keats, whose only self-titled albums was produced by Alan Parsons: 1984 Keats Heaven knows Tragedy Fight to win Walking on ice How can you walk away Turn your heart around Avalanche Give it up Ask no questions Night full of voices David Paton: Bass Ian Bairnson: Guitars Stuart Elliot: Drums Chris Rainbow: Vocals Peter Bardens: Keyboards (?)
  • Mirage

    Peter Bardens, Andy Ward, Dave Sinclair and several more ex-Caravan related members formed Mirage, in 1994. The band toured Europe during the winter of 1995, giving numerous performances in which they played many Camel and Caravan songs.
    A double live CD was released by Voiceprint, which can be reached at this address:

    Early expectations of any studio release by Mirage proved wrong. Peter Bardens is still using the name as his own band, and Steve Adams is the only member left from the 1995 tour lineup. The members of Caravan have since gone in attempts to reform their band. The address for the Mirage correspondence was previously available here, but ommitted as it is no longer active. Please don't bother sending letters or money there!

    Live 14.12.94

    Disc 1: Disc 2:
    Pete Bardens: Keyboards, Vocals
    Andy Ward: Drums, Percussions
    Dave Sinclair: Keyboards
    Jimmy Hastings: Saxes, Flute
    Pye Hastings: Guitars, Vocals
    Rick Biddulph: Bass, Vocals
    Steve Adams: Guitar, Vocals

    The Album was recorded at the Manchester Apollo on 14/12/1994.

    * Ward and Bardens are, of course from the original Camel lineup. Pye Hastings and Dave Sinclair were among the forming members of Caravan (along with Richard Sinclair and drummer Richard Caughlan). Pye Hasting, one of the most important figures in the Canterbury music scene, a fantastic flute and sax player, is Pye's brother, and has played with Caravan, Hatfield and the North, National Health and more. Rick Biddulph used to be roadie for Hatfield and the North, Richard Sinclair's band after leaving Caravan. Biddulph also played bass live on Richard Sinlair's Caravan of Dreams. Steve Adams is Peter Bardens' guitarist.
    * According to the Mirage Newsletter it was Peter Bardens who gave Mirage its name.

    Live: Germany '96

    Pete Bardens: Keyboards, Vocals
    Steve Adams: Guitar, Vocals
    Desha Dunnahoe: Bass, Flute , Vocals
    Dave Cohen: Drums, Percussions
    Pete Barden's Mirage, an incarnation of the 1994 Mirage, recorded this CD in 1996.
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