An appreciation page for Camel

No... Not the cigarettes, but rather - one of my favourite Progressive Rock bands.

Skylines features Camel's complete discography, song lyrics, articles, newsletters, trivia notes, a FAQ, tour programs from the past, guitar tablature, and many more bits of interest to a fan can dwell into.

I was fortunate enough to have Camel Productions's Susan Hoover provide answers and news to my readers. I have met Camel on their recent tour - here's the pictures from that happy occasion...

Meir Ariel
An appreciation page for
Meir Ariel and his Art

A hebrew site, מאיר ברשת is dedicated to the artist and his work. The site contains song lyrics, a few chords, a complete discography, and some ideas and thoughts.

Ariel has released a new album recently, a live performance (which I have whitnessed) at Tel Aviv's Hard Rock Cafe, with his "Charisma" band.

Egberto Gismonti
A Cross-Reference
of Recorded Compositions

Egberto Gismonti has been one of my favourite artists over the recent years. To a some extent, he's been my gateway from Progressive Rock toward Jazz.

I saw his performance in the Tel Aviv Opera House back in 1995. At the time I only had two of his records with Jan Garbarek and Charley Haden. Since then I have purchased many of his CDs. This small page lists my findings regarding the different performances of Gismonti's compositions as they appear on different albums.