Ofir Zwebner's Camel Experience

On Wednesday, April 9th 1997, I left my home on a flight to London, to see a Live Camel.

Well, not just any Camel...

While the echoes of my first ever Camel gig still ringing in my ears, I've been expecting to finally meet the boys in the band, but, most specifically, a Lady.

Above, you can see (from left to right) Mrs Susan Hoover, myself, and Mr. Dave Stewart, a wonderful drummer and definably a scotsman. As you can see, we've all got Teeth. Many, many, many teeth.

After waiting a rather long time for all the other fans to buzz off (in the meanwhile I've had a nice chat with Susan Hoover, who's charms in person fit her kindness and warmness over our 7 years old correspondence), I have approached Andy and presented myself. It seems we were both very happy to finally see eachother. I know I was.

Although Dave was actually anxious to get to the dressing room, he very happy to join a photo with Andy and me. As you can see, I'm curling back my lips again.

Last picture taken before saying goodbye and not seeing again for another ten years :-(
Susan has rushed in to fit in the frame. she's actually taller, btw :-)
I'm standing on my toes to try to fit Andy's height - no chance! These people were very warm and funny, and the good spirit caused me to surface yet another silly impression on my rubber face. Important: Notice the Kermit the Frog T-Shirt I'm wearing. I think this is going to be my personal trademark. Fortunately, Kermit was able to make it to the picture just as well.

The pictures were shot by Peter Thomas, a devoted Camel fan - thanks!

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