Who are you anyway?
My name is Ofir Zwebner. I was born on January 19th, 1973, in Tel Aviv, Israel.
I graduated my B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering in 1995, but have since drifted into Computer Programming. Today I'm happily working in a small software company in Herzelia, developing User Interfaces and other applications.
My big love is for the arts of music and cinema. I'm a musician in my spare time, playing and writing my own stuff.

Why a Web Site?
For a few reasons...
   1. I want to have a home base for my web sites. I've been on the net since 1992. I became involved with the 'community' by typing in articles, song lyrics and such. By now I have composed quite a few web sites; most of them had a link to the 'author' which used to leads to nowhere. Not any more!
   2. Having been on the net for so long has gained me some friends (and a few enemies too), so I guess it would be nice to have some personal information available for them.
   3. Back in 1994 I wrote a software for transcribing Guitar Tablature, called Tab Master. Although it's old and rotten, people keep asking for it. I guess this 'here' sounds like a nice place.
   4. I hope to share some recommendation and opinions. The Music and Movies sections of my site will include recommendations, criticism and opinions, and of course there are also my favourite links. If you'd find my artistic taste similar to yours - better go ahead an check it out.

What about some sex?
I thought you'd never ask. Naturally, my personal web site is full of it. Otherwise, how would I have any visitors?

What do you look like?
In order to satisfy your curiosity, I'm now proud to present:

A vivid representation of my life
through terrifying pictures.