Ronit Zwebner
Bronze Sculptures

A site dedicated to my Mother's work in Bronze. The site presents images of 12 selected bronze sculptures made between 1992-1994. My mother has since focused on sculptring in stone, and has so far produced some amazing output. In her experiments with stone sculpturing, she has brought into form Escher's "Moebius Band" and experienced in tying up stone into Knots...

This gallery was among my first attempts at writing HTML. It has recently been praised in an Art magazine.
The Best Place to Start

My company's successful Israeli launch page. We decided we wanted to set our browser's home page into something more useful than Netscape's or Microsoft's... So we went ahead and created this web site, fitted with anything an Israeli Internet user could find useful. allows you to search various search engines, check out daily updates from Israel's top information resources, read some comics, and then toy around with recommended software sites and various other links.