Camel on the Road 2000-2001

Camel carried out two two consequitive tours; the first took off from the California, USA and covered Japan and Europe. The second went through South American countries. The second tour was originally scheduled to follow shortly after the first one had ended, but it was posponed until March 2001.

Taking off on August 25th 2000, Camel plunged into intense two month world tour, gigged through California, Japan, Germany, Poland, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Holland, UK and Scotland, Ireland and Greece.

On March 22nd 2001 a three weeks tour took place in Centeral and South America. Camel visited Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Costa Rica and Mexico for the first time.

On the Y2K tour, Andrew Latimer and Colin Bass were be augmented by the French Canadians Guy LeBlanc on Keyboards and Denis Clements on Drums, forming one of Camel's tightest and most energetic line up in many years. Camel Productions originally intended to have Clive Bunker (of the Jethro Tull fame) join in on drums, but at last moment had to cancel - only two weeks before the tour began. Nevertheless, Denis Clements took his place, learning the role within 10 days.

A detailed chronology of the Y2K tour is printed in the inner sleeve of The Paris Collection CD, which you can also read here.

Set List

Camel played more than two hours in every gig. The beginning of the second set comprised of 6 songs played acoustic. This set list was submitted by Michael Habiby, who's friend has written based on the gig on August 30th, 2000.

First Set


Acoustic Set

Electric Set Encores According to John Selby, the band played Another Night and Colin Bass' The Straits of Malacca on the first show in California (August 26th 2000). During the tour, with Latimer's failing throat, some of the songs were omitted.

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