In Jokes

Jokes and puns from the sleeve notes of Camel albums...

Andy Ward playing Body Mist on Mirage

It's actually a spray can of body deodorant. Andy used it in the studio as the 'pfft' sounds on Supertwister. Andrew Latimer says it was the smelliest session they ever did.

Ginseng provided by Allen Mason on The Snow Goose

Problems at such early ages? Well, no. Just a play on words: Allen Mason worked for the Janus Records, who released Camel's LPs in the US. 'Ginseng' just sounds like 'Janus'. It was just a clever way to thank him. I guess it was also used in Mirage: 'Special thanks ... also to Geoff Jukes and the Gemini kids.

The Breathless Tour

...found Camel as a six-piece, with Dave & Richard Sinclair and Jan Schelhaas from Caravan. In the tour program Latimer is quoted: "...At one stage I did think of calling the band Caramel!"

The I Can See Your House From Here cover issue.

Here's a vulgar joke that was probably the basis for the album title: (Submitted by Jeff Gebhardt). Susan Hoover mentioned the original version co-starred Virgin Mary instead of Peter.

"Thank heavens Mickey can play with his feet" on Never Let Go

Susan Hoover explains: "Mickey didn't really play any foot pedals (Colin played bass pedals). He just kind of looked like it on stage." (referring to the rich sound of Dust and Dreams performed by only a four-piece)

Oh, well, it wasn't that funny! Get me back!

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