Going for the Laughs

The dark tale of a fan who went out of his head only to prove a point that never was there. A screenplay by Brendan Newport, based on the true character who managed to block Camel Productions' internet access.

Andrew with Dave on his Lap
This romantic scene happened after the Astoria gig: A fan asked to take a picture with Andrew. Too tired to stand up, Andy suggested she'd take it sitting on his lap. Seeing that, Drummer Dave Stewart immediately rushed in: "I wanted to sit on your lap too!" This is the result.

? What's the difference between a Pink Floyd and a Camel gig?
! In a Pink Floyd gig, all the fans knows the name of each musician on the stage. In a Camel gig, all the musicians know the name of each fan! (submitted by Alain Darte)

If you find Monty Python stupid and repelling
then you better ignore this, but otherwise take a look at

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The Llama Chronicles
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Ever heard of The Metallic Camel?

The country of Israel officially adapts Camel Bootleg Covers

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