Andrew Latimer: Guitar, Vocals, Flute, Keyboards, Percussion
Colin Bass: Bass Guitar
Ton Scherpenzeel:   Keyboards
Dave Stewart: Drums
Barry Phillips: Cello

Camel's third studio release in the 90's marks a change from the previous concept driven albums into a looser format. Andrew Latimer displays a wider range of arrangements and extends his guitar work, experimenting with some jazz/fusion influences. Latimer sings on all album's songs, giving a more personal feel to the lyrics which often reflect on his life-long artistic choices and personal experience with his band. The album's title, "Rajaz", refers to the songs sung by eastern travellers who matched their rhythm with their animal's footsteps; the title reflects as a common theme throughout the album's lyrics, written by Latimer and his partner, Susan Hoover.

* The lyrics for The Last Encore are derived from other Camel's song titles and album names.
* Ton Scherpenzeel contributed his role for the album by recording his material in his home studio at the Netherlands, and sending the recordings over the net to Latimer's studio in California. Scherpenzeel is uncomfortable with air travels, a fact which has prevented his working with Latimer during the 90s, until the internet provided a method for artistic collaboration.
* At the time when Andrew was writing the music for Rajaz, he had been practicing the material with Colin Bass and Dave Stewart; the Camel lineup consisted of a trio. Working with a real band yet without a keyboard player, the multi-layered keyboards (typical of Andrew's compositions in Harbour of Tears and Dust and Dreams) were left out and the result focused instead on his guitar work. When recording the album, Ton Scherpenzeel contributed his share of solos, sending his material from the Netherlands over to the US studio. Although Scherpenzeel's keyboards are evident throughout, there are very few keyboard solos and the album is mostly guitar-oriented.

CD: CP-009CD, Released on October 7th, 1999. UK release date: October 11th, 1999
Approx Time: Total Playing Time: 57:00

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