Camel, 1999

Three Wishes


Lost and Found


Where have you come from,
where have you been?
How can you know
unless you begin?
Turn around,
giving more than you take.
Lost and found
in the past.

The chance of a lifetime
is passing you by.
Use it or lose it
in the wink of an eye.
Turn around,
giving more than you take.
Lost and found
in the past.

The Final Encore


After words
and long goodbyes...
Tears and lies
at the end of the day.

An early night
and madness rains...
The moon pulls your dreams
and the pressure fades.

And now,
the final encore,
a last farewall.
The fantazy is over,
the spirit flies away...



When the desert sun has passed horizon's final light
and darkness takes it's place...
We will pause to take our rest.
Sharing song of love,
tales of tragedy.

When a poet sings the song and all are hypnotised,
enchanted by the sound...
We will mark the time as one,
tandem in the sun.
The rhythm of a hymn.

When the dawn has come
sing the song,
all day long.

We will move as one,
bear the load
on the road.



Another day...
I might have found the words to say
all the things i meant to say.
All the years that passed between
you never understood the meaning of my way.
Another day there might have been
some other way to make
the sacrifice.

Another day...
I would try to be a friend,
you would never let me in.
If I could have it otherwise,
I'd chase the demons from your eyes to ease your soul.
But now you've reached this other side
where hopes and broken dreams can't turn the tide.

Another day...
you might have found your destiny,
knowing that it's meant to be.
A self-effacing prodigy,
you gave it up for infamy
and fell from grace.

Straight to My Heart


I was born in '49,
in a family of four.
Father had his own band
just after the war.

My brother and I had a radio
and every night we'd share,
waves from Luxembourg
that came though the air.

Days were full of music
and nights were the same.
And though the songs are different now
some things never change...

I can't explain the way I feel.
Why, event to this day,
I still love the sound of that red guitar.
It takes my breath away
and goes straight...
to my heart.
Straight to my heart.
Straight to my heart.





All across this barren land,
elder voices tell
stories of a desert ghost.
The legend of a man
swallowed by the sand.

High upon the red dunes,
a prophet in the wind...
a vision like a mirage,
rises from a man
swallowed by the sand.

into the shadows
of the legend
you became.

into the mystery
and the romance
of your fame.

The lyrics were typed in and converted to HTML by Gregory Chudov, olorin@fandra.org