The Paris Collection

Andy Latimer: Guitars, vocals on Slow Yourself Down
Guy LeBlanc: Keyboards, vocals
Denis Clement: Drums, percussion
Colin Bass: Bass guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals

This CD attempts to capture the magic of the physically ill-fated yet artistically successful Y2K world tour. Recorded in The Bataclan, Paris, on the night of 30th September 2000, the band is found in high spirit despite terrible emotional frustration and physical pain. Although the sound recording and mixing is somewhat faulty, The Paris Collection presents the band in one of its finest hours, performing powerful and edgy renditions of their songs. The bonus track, Slow Yourself Down, was recorded during rehersals by Latimer and LeBlanc.

* On the night of the recording, Andrew Latimer was not permitted to speak or sing, due to a throat infection. His partner, Susan Hoover, was recovering in the US from a serious riding accident. Drummer Denis Clement is suffering a fractured rib. Keyboardist Guy LeBlanc sings perfectly the vocals in Lady Fantasy.

Liner notes by Camel Productions.
CD: CP-011CD
Approx Time:Total Playing Time: 71:08

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