On the Road 1972

Andy Latimer: (Guitar?)
Peter Bardens: (Keyboards?)
Andy Ward: (Drums?)
David Ferguson: (Bass?)

The first "official" bootleg by Camel Productions. It features material by the first Camel lineup. The sound quality is good, with only minor sound drops at some points. The early Camel line up turns out to be an excellent performing one.
The cover has a "road in bad condition" sign, which looks like two humps.
The CD sleeve contains notes by Latimer and pictures of the group.

* Read about "God of Light" in the trivia notes of Greasy Truckers.
* Strangely, Lady Fantasy was performed in 1972, but only surfaced on vinyl in 1974 on Camel's 2nd release. Susan Hoover explains that apparently material such as Lady Fantasy and White Rider was delayed till after the debut album, as the band members had material from earlier periods which they wanted to release first.
*Some technical mismatches in the cover: This album has three different titles: "Warning: Camel on the Road 1972", "Camel on the Road 1972" and "On the Road 1972". "God of Light" is also entitled, on the inner sleeve, as "God of Light Revisited" - One thing's for sure: Camel Productions knows how to make a bootleg look like one!

CD: CP-003CD
Approx Time:Total Playing Time: 44:18

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