Greasy Truckers: Live At Dingwall's Dance Hall

Side 1: Camel Side 2: Henry Cow Side 3: Global Village Trucking Co. Side 4: Gong

Pete Bardens: Organ, Vocals
Doug Ferguson: Bass
Andy Latimer: Guitar, Vocals
Andy Ward: Drums

A compilation of 2 records set, side 1 is by Camel. Four bands from the 'Canterbury scene' were recorded live: Gong, Camel, Henry Cow and the Global Village Trucking Co.
The inner sleeves shows a collage of pictures including a pack of cigarettes and an ashtray.
As this album has become quite rare, you can view the complete details and a larger cover scan here.

* Greasy Truckers has become a very expensive collector's item.
* Camel Productions released God of Light Revisited from this recording in their >'73-'75 Gods of Ligh official bootleg.
* Another live performance of Lord of Light is available on Camel on the Road 1972, entitled God of Light. This song was originally featured on Peter Barden's debut album The Answer, before Camel was formed. For many years Greasy Truckers album was the only official one to feature the song being played by Camel, until the release of the Camel on the Road 1972 official bootleg. The song tends to get other titles, such as God of Light, Homage to the Lord of Light, God of Light Revisited etc.
* It seems like Greasy Truckers wasn't much "live" at Dingwalls Dance Hall; Only the Camel side and the Global Village side are traditional live recordings. Gong didn't like their set - It's live, but it's studio doctored ... it appears that the tapes were assembled according to chance, so while the side does contain things like "6/8 Tune" and "You Can't Kill Me", they're not in their complete forms. Their two constructions on the album were made from concerts taped in Tabarka, Tunisia on the date of the Full Moon, June, 1973, and the date of the Full Moon, October, 1973 at Sheffield City Hall.. The Henry Cow side is studio recorded - they were due to go on last, but curfew prevented them from going on at all). The concert took place on October 8, 1973 at a real place called Dingwall's Dancehall, located in Camden Lock in the UK, except for Henry Cow, which took place at the Manor on November 4, 1973. (Thanks, Datboy!)

LP:GT 4997

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