Andrew Latimer: Guitars, Vocals, Flute, Koto & various Keyboards
Andy Ward: Drums & Percussion
Colin Bass: Bass & Vocals
Mel Collins: Flute, Piccolo & Saxophones
Duncan Mackay: Keyboards
Jan Schelhaas: Piano on The Last Farewell
Chris Green: Cello
Gasper Lawal: All Percussions on Changing places
Herbie Flowers: Tuba

Camel re-forming with several new musicians, delivering an excellent progressive rock album with great sound and some intense instrumental sections. Although it is the most 'concept album' since 1975's The Snow Goose, Nude doesn't sound like the early band's progressive efforts; the sound equipment and instruments are different (as well as Bardens' typical organ playing missing), but in it's own way, Nude gained high praise among fans and serves as a fine bridge toward Camel's 80's and 90's releases.
Unlike some LP releases, the CD feature the story behind the concept of Nude. Some LP releases have fold jackets, some have the story and lyrics on an inner sleeve.

* The album tells the allegedly true story of a Japanese soldier who was marooned on an island during World War II, and stayed there for 29 years, oblivious to the outside world.
*Susan Hoover provided the concept for the album, and some songs lyrics. She explains that the inspiration came from a book called "Heroic Failures". It turned out that the story told in the album was very close to the real facts. Rumour has it that that soldier wasn't able to live in the crowded, post-war Japan, and now owns a farm in South America.
* Contrary to all the album since The Snow Goose, the material was written and played before small audiences prior to being recorded. Camel toured Holland under the incognito 'Desert Song', rewrote a few songs and then recorded the album at Abby Road's No. 3 studio.
* Nude - Explained - Based on Shingo Doi's letter to the Camel Mailing List, this article explains the story behind the album Nude.
* Herbie Flowers was a member of Sky at that time - read more about it in The Single Factor trivia.
* The track Docks, cowritten by Latimer and Kit Watkins is in some way a rendition of Kit Watkin's Mount St. Helens track, from his first solo album, Labyrinth. Part of the middle section of the track was absent in the Watkins solo.

LP: Passport PB 6008, Decca SKL 5323, Released in January 1981.
MC: Passport PBC 6008
CD: London 810 880-2 Decca 692
Approx Time: Total Playing Time: 44:54

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