Side One/Camel: Pete Bardens (organ, vocals), Doug Ferguson (bass), Andy Latimer (guitar, vocals), Andy Ward (drums). Many thanks to David Hitchcock for producing.

Side Two/Henry Cow: Chris Cutler (drums, vocals), Fred Frith (guitar, violin, vocals), John Greaves (bass, piano, vocals), Tim Hodgkinson (organ, clarinet, alto sax, vocals), Geoff Leigh (tenor/soprano sax, flute, clarinet, recorder).

Side Three/Global Village Trucking Co: Jon Owen (vocals, 12 string guitar), John Mackenzie (bass), Mike Medora (guitar), Jimmy Lascelles (organ, piano, occasional vocals) Simon Stewart (drums). Road crew courtesy of SMB Productions. Arrangements by Global Village Trucking Co. "We're all part of the smiling revolution (the best little coup the world has ever seen)."

Side Four/representing Planet Gong on Earth. Recorded by Venux de Luxe of the Bananamoon Trucking Co of Tibet. Track One live at Festival of Tabarka, Tunesia, in the open air, Full Moon, June 1973. Track Two live at Sheffield City Hall, Full Moon, October 1973. Bloomdido Bad De Grass (saxophone and gnomophone), Stevie Hillside-Village (kundali guitar and Submarine Spiral), Pierre De Strasbourg (drums and overdrive), Mr T Being (fingerbass), Hi T Moonweed, the favourite (Cynthia Size A and chrystal machine), Dingo Virgin (local vocals and glissando guitar), Shankti Yoni is away at the Bananamoon Observatory keeping the bulge warm and studying new spells.

Produced by Richard Elan. Recorded at Dingwalls Dancehall, Camden Lock, on October 8th 1973 by the Virgin Mobile.

Sleeve Design by Holly Hollington and Kevin Sparrow. Photography by Nick Jarvis, Brian Cooke, Zoran, John Pearson.

Special thanks to Dave 'The Boss' Goodman, Andy Peters, Karloo, Nick Cohen, John 'Skin' Godzenski, Geoff Jukes, Martin and Jill, Sarah, Joan, Daves, Monica and Bridget from 'the Cafe', Zoran, Rowdy, Phil Newall, Shoo Byros, John Armitt, H, Tony Mackintosh, Colin, David Betteridge and Paul, Andrew Lauder and extra thanks and love to Virgin: Simone, Sue and Richard, who laid the Mobile on us. A Greasy Truckers Production. Greasy Truckers do gigs, free festivals, albums and other alternative things. Write to Greasy Truckers, 293 Portobello Road, London W10. Distributed by Island Records Limited.

1973 This is a stereo record and should be played.

Submitted by Theo Kamps.
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