Guy Paglin
All Over The World

A good friend of mine, a man of Many Ego, the dear Guy Paglin. I made him this site as his 24th birthday present, a token of appreciation to a wonderful person.

The site contains ... seductive pictures of Guy, taken in various locations all over the world. Guy's intention are to cover more and more grounds, and the site is here to let us all know about it.

Ory's Farewell Page

Ory Amitay has been my DM and friend for 7 years now. He has left Israel in 1997 and gone to study in Berkeley University. Along with the farewell parties came this dedicated site, featuring [funny] pictures of all the friends.

Ory has since wed his girlfriend Effie Lev, who become a good friend of mine too... and the site now requires an update, featuring more pictures of the two lovebirds. :-)