These are the TAB and CHORDS transcriptions I've created over the years of using the Net.

These files were originally submitted to the guitar tablature newsgroups as well as some music-oriented mailing lists. Of course there may be hudreds of other transcriptions for these artists, but I list only mine. Sadly, TABs are hard to locate due to offensive legal actions made by greedy music companies.

The transcriptions are presented in the most basic TEXT format for everyone to be able to read, send via mail or print. They are not fancy looking, and this is on purpose.

I wish, by no mean, to harm any interest of the artists listed below. As far as I know, none of these artists have disapproved of making such material available on the web. Some have given their approval.

Many of the TAB transcriptions here were written using my PC program for writing TAB transcriptions, Tab Master. Your opinions are welcome, please send your comments to



Elvis Costello

Peter Hammill

Jethro Tull

The Moody Blues

Pink Floyd


Ralph Towner

Van Der Graaf Generator