Gut-turning Picture of My Growing-Up
through Strange Costumes

Me in school uniform, approximately in 1984 with the school vice-manager, Hedva Dafna. At that time my teeth were more-or-less parallel to the floor. This has been corrected!

Not really a costume, but that's the most Israeli you can get from me: Eating felafel (aged somewhere between 14-16 I guess)

Forming a human pile during officers course, in 1995. These are the Israeli Defence Forces field uniform, being smeared in desert dust.

Portrating serious roles of a Bard and a Sage during RD&D role-playing games, held at the Afek Park (1992-1993). Here you can see my first guitar (Shula) which eventually got stumbled over and broken by an unsuspecting Paladin (!)

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