Shocking Picture of My Family and Me

Early picture; my sister Hadas, my dad Ori and me, aged 5 (approximately). I think this image reflects what a natural-born nerd I was, someone who obviously doesn't fit well on a Vespa.

Outside the gallery presenting my mother's bronze and stone sculptures, in 1997. From left are - Hadas, my mom Ronit and my sister Michal. As you can see, two terrific sisters and a funny excuse for a brother.

My father and I, running up for the "perfect smile" contest, during my nephew's Bar Mitzva. My father is sporting "Smile Number 3" while I try the "Look like you're 3 feet underground" pose. Check out the similarity of eyebrows!

Michal, Dad, Hadas and Me in a spontaneous (yet successful) snapshot during a recent family occation.

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