Jan Schelhaas


Jan got started playing bass in various Liverpool bands in the sixties. He took up keyboards in 1969 when he joined the multi-media wags in Scaffold. In 1970 he formed the National Head Band which recorded an album for Warner Bros. featuring material written by Jan. When the Head Band parted, Jan joined the Gary Moore band ('73) and played on one album with them for CBS before taking leave. During '74 and '75 he did quantities of sessions and odd gigs for various names who shall remain nameless. Late in '75 he joined Caravan playing keyboards, toured America, and completed two albums with them, the latter of which, "Better by Far" includes material by him. He had already left Caravan when he was invited, early in '78 to join CAMEL as part of their expanded keyboard section. Soon everybody in the whole cell-block was dancing to the Schelhaas rock.

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