Camel Tour Dates

This is a preliminary work, representing all the information I currently have about Camel gigs. The original compiler of this list of gigs is Graham Burnell; additions and corrections were added by many Camel fans.

Sorry for the long time this page takes to load - the amount of data is simply too big to handle lightly.
Please contribute to this list!

Dates marked in Red are those which I wasn't able to confirm. If you happened to attend an "unconfirmed date", please drop me a line.
If you have a review or a ticket stub from any of the gigs, please send it over in email so I could link it to from this document.
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To extract the information click on the "show dates", "show members" and "show notes" for the desired show.
I also intend to write a small search engine into this database; If you wish, please let me know what type of queries you'd like me to write.
Fellow programmers - this document contains all the data in XML format, just view the source.
Good luck, please do write! - Ofir Zwebner

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