Jan Schelhaus*

As his name suggests, tall and willowy Jan Schelhaas hails from exotic Liverpool. His entree into the music business was as bass-player for various local soul bands in the Sixties although he has yet to perform a convincing Watusi. In 1969, he moved on to play keyboards when he joined the multi-media group Scaffold.

In 1970 Jan formed the National Head Band, who enjoyed minor success in the soft-rock slot of the newly-born late-afternoon Sounds of the Seventies radio prog. The National Head Band also recorded one memorable album for Warner Brothers, featuring Jan's own material, before disbanding.

Jan joined the Gary Moore Band in 1973, working with them on one album for CBS before going his own way again.

From '74 to '75, he did "numerous sessions and oddjobs for various notables", but declines to name the guilty parties !

In late '75 he joined Caravan (no prizes for guessing who he replaced) playing keyboards. He toured America with Caravan and completed two albums with them, the latter of which ('Better By Far') containing material by Jan.

In early '78, having left Caravan, Jan was contacted by Camel and asked to play with Dave Sinclair in their expanded keyboard section. The, er, rest is carved upon the rugged face of time ...

* Jan's last name is, of course, Schelhaas. The programme had it wrong.

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