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Welcome to Skylines! This website is dedicated to serve as an evolving archive of information about the veteran rock group Camel.

Please visit the band's official website, Camel Productions, for news updates, product information, and upcoming albums and tours.

This site, although rarely updated, contains vast information about Camel, its music and the musicians who participated. You will also find lyrics, music notations, articles, interviews and even online tour memorabilia. Use the titles at the top of the screen to browse through the archive.

The contents found here consists mainly on information that was contributed by many internet users. Please feel free to send in your opinions, requests, questions or new items.

Check out the What's New sections to find out what's new and what's interesting!

This Site was originally spread through the internet via the newsgroup in the form of a single file which grew into a 60K discography. Various older version of the discography (dating back in 1993!) have found their way around the web, yet this web site holds the most recent and updated information. In the beginning of 1996 a first HTML version of the entire text became available, and in October 1996 the single file was converted to a REAL site. The site has been fully reconstructed in March 1997. It now contains about 180 HTML files, 170 graphic images, and covers 4.2 Megas

The trivial notes and answers to questions are noted by Trivia. Some trivia notes may be a bit farfetched, and may probably interest only brain-damaged progressive fans... These are marked with Trivia. Technical notes - Records, CDs and Cassette serial numbers, album lengths and more are also available with their relevant icons. New stuff and updates are mostly marked with a New symbol, but you should also check out the What's New page. Album names are written in Bold Italics, as in: The Snow Goose
Song Names are written in Italics, as in: Ice
Important names (such as bands, companies etc.) are written in Bold, such as Hatfield and the North, or CP (being the initials of Camel Productions.)
Special references to songs appear with a relevant icon, such as Lyrics - , Guitar TAB files - , Sound Samples - , and MIDI files - .

Browse through this site using the navigation icons at the top. Every Icon leads to different sections of the site (ie The Discography, Links etc). You can also navigate using the simple text links at the bottom of each page. On each section there a list of sub-titles available on the dark left margin. At the bottom of the left margin you'll find a Camel image that leads to the top of the page, thus helping you reach the navigation buttons at the top. After most sub-titles you'll find a horizontal 'Camel' rule, which also leads to the top of the page.

This page is best viewed with Netscape 3.0, although it should be compatible with previous versions as well. I've checked it on Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.0 and it worked fine, apart for the color of the Links. I may be able to correct that when I have time.

This site is intended to Provide Information for everyone. Therefore it includes LOTS of material, and I make all my resources available here. I restrict myself not to get carried away with graphics and effects so that users wi th 640x480 screens and 'only' 256 colors can enjoy these pages just as anyone else. Some pages though, (such as the Songs Cross-Reference) may be a bit too difficult for older machines to handle.

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Editor's Disclaimer

The data and other resources presented in this site are not mine. I therefore hold no claim for it. I do, however, request that these net etiquette will be followed:
  • Do not link to specific pages, but rather to the site's main page at
  • When linking from a site that contains frame, please link to the top frame, thus not containing this web site within another web site.
  • Any e-mail address found within this web site and under the domain MAY NOT be added to (or combined into) lists of e-mails NOR used to send general messages.

    I allowed myself to give some description of each album, in order to help you find what you're looking for. The opinions expressed here are mine, and I've done my best to make them appropriate. If you find stuff that's irrelevant or offending in your opinion - write me about it. Please note that Camel has gone through several stages through more than 30 years of its existence, and although I tried to give positive description of all albums, they do vary and may appeal to different musical tastes.

    The sources for the information on this file are my correspondence with other fans through e-mail, Gibraltar digests, the Internet "All Music Guide", "Camelogue" - the Camel mailing list, Camel's tour programs, my records and CDs collection, Camel Productions' Newspaper The Nature of the Beast, John Tracy's liner notes from miscellaneous Deram CD releases, Paris Ford from Camel Productions, and Susan Hoover and Andy Latimer themselves, who answered many of my questions.

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    Site Credits

    Lots of thanks to the following people who personally contributed their knowledge, time and ambition into the making of this site:

    A special thank-you goes to Rami Zakh, for all the outstanding help and support he has given me in the making of this site.

    Another thank you is to the people who wrote to Camelogue. Some info was gathered from your postings. Thank you.

    Most notably, I wish to thank Susan Hoover for her generous support. Her help assures the accuracy and relevancy of the information in these pages.

    The graphics on this site are all original (apart for obvious scans from albums and tour programs). The animated Weeping Camel (at the bottom of this page) is based on the original logo designed by Modular, the stars variation on the original theme was designed by Brian Kirk. I redrew it based on the album scan from Jim Preston's The Camel Page - Thanks!. Feel free to use that animated GIF in your pages - I'd appreciate if you'd also link it to this page.

    The material found in this archive may be "ancient" in Internet terms; The origins of some of the material escape my memory and records. If I forgot to credit anyone please notify me, and I'll fix that - my apologies in advance... Also, many thanks for those who have directed questions and remarks to me - please never let go...

    Skylines - Camel Web Page - created by Ofir Zwebner