Camel Poll Results

During April and May 1997, the readers of the Camelogue Mailing List took part in a Camel Poll, which was initiated and arranged by Brett Tiesmaki.

Each reader was allowed to vote for his three (3) favourite Camel albums and his three favourite Camel songs. The replies varied, as some voters prefer to consider the whole Snow Goose as a single song, or voting for A Live Record/Never Let Go for expressing their view of the original studio recordings as an added value...
But what really counts is that a list of favourite albums was finally made, compiled and delivered by Brett. To quote his own words:

Favourite Album:

Rate Album Name Votes
1 Moonmadness 19
2 Mirage 12
Nude 12
3 Dust and Dreams 11
4 Rain Dances 9
Harbour of Tears 9
5 The Snow Goose 7
I Can See Your House From Here     7
6 A Live Record 4
Stationary Traveller 4
7 Breathless 3
Never Let Go 3
8 Camel 2

Favourite Song:

Rate Song Name Votes
1 Ice 10
2 Never Let Go 8
3 Lady Fantasy 6
4 Lunar Sea 5
Echoes 5
5 Hopeless Anger 4
6Watching the Bobbins3
Rhayadar & Rhayader Goes To Town3
7White Rider2
Song Within A Song2
Tell Me2
Summer Lightning2
Hymn to Her2
Long Goodbyes2
and one (1) vote for: Air Born/Another Night/End of the Day/
Fingertips/First Light/Great Marsh/Missing/Mother road/Mystic Queen/
Nimrodel/Rose of Sharon/Six Ate/Spirit of the Water/Stationary Traveller/
The Snow Goose/The White Rider/Vopos/Wait/Who We Are

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Matthew McGlynn's Camel Gallery features an automated Voting system, where everyone can cast a vote on his/her favourite Camel album and song. The results are updated on the spot.

Please pay a visit to the site and vote, as this information source is valuable only given everybody's contribution.
The voting system is in the site's "Discuss" section.

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