Camel Desktop

This is a new project I'm trying to run: Following a suggestion by Dr. Gordon C. Bruner II, and partly as one my own ideas, I attempt to create a Camel Desktop theme.

The project is still in it's start line. People with the "Know-How" are kindly requested to contact me if the want to help. I need programmers in C/C++/Delphi/VB to help me design a Screen Saver. Macintosh programmers would also help! If you've got an idea or a suggestion, please send them over.

So far I've done a desktop background image. You can downlaod it and test it. It's a 800x600 image, saved as a BMP file. Download the zip file to your computer, extract it using any Zip extractor, and place the BMP file in your Windows directory.
To configure it as your background image:

CAMEL01.ZIP (27k in zip format
470K when expanded)
CAMEL02.ZIP (10k in zip format
235K when expanded)

The wallpapers are all 800x600, but designed to fit to the minimal 640x480 resolution. You should place the wallpaper in the center - not tiled! For Windows 95 users with 640x480 or 1024x768 (or higher) display, I recommend that you use Microsoft Plus feature of stretching the wallpaper to fit the screen size. You can download this Plus feature (a part of the Font Smoothing kit) here: w95gray.exe (174K executable).

Camel Desktop Sounds (431K zip file)
  • BeerCan.wav - use it for your Windows Entry sound.
  • Fanfare.wav - use it for your Windows Exit sound.
  • Baaa.wav - use it for your recycle bin.

    Please send me your comments.

    Ofir Zwebner.

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