The Single Factor

Andy Latimer: Guitars, Piano, Vocals, Keyboards, Organ, Mellotron, Bass
David Paton: Bass, Fretless Bass, Vocals
Graham Jarvis: Drums
Duncan Mackay: Prophet Synth
Chris Rainbow: Backing Vocals, Lead on A Heart's Desire and End Piece
Francis Monkman: Harpsichord-Synclavier
Anthony Phillips: Grand Piano, Organ, Classical and 12 Strings Guitar, Poly Moog, ARP 2600, Marimba
Pete Bardens: Organ, Mini Moog on Sasquatch
Hydne Bendall: Yamaha CS-80
Tristian Fry: Glockenspeil
Jack Emblow: Accordion

1982 found Camel with no direction but with many talented musicians. The album has it moments, but some people dislike it. Some claim it resembles Alan Parsons Project. (No wonder: same people on both groups: Chris Rainbow, David Paton). Many pop songs, and one interesting instrumental Sasquatch.
The front and back cover (not available on the CD) are slightly different, but same idea - a distorted picture of Andrew Latimer's face. The LP inner sleeve includes lyrics, and lots of photos of the band and other people involved, Some LP pressings have no inner notes/lyrics. The Single Factor was once released on CD, with a B/W photo on the booklet instead of blue/white. A new DERAM CD is available by now.

* Some lyrics were written by Susan Hoover.
*Note the guest appearance of Peter Bardens on Sasquatch, a song about Andy Latimer's feet (according to the Total Pressure video). There is also a small picture of two feet and shoes in the inner jacket, entitled "Sasquatch". Susan explains: "Sasquatch is the American Indian name for Big Foot. Andrew has big feet."
* This is the first album without Andy Ward, which leaves us with only Andy Latimer from the original Camel lineup. A note on the lyrics sheet claims that "Ward does not appear on this album following a serious injury to his hand."
* The album's title may give us a hint about what Camel were aiming at the time. Or it may be read as a sign of complaint that releasing singles is an important factor, and so we've got this album coming out.
* In an interview, Andy admitted that at the time of working on the album the band was at a very critical stage of it's existence, apparently they were all under great stress, perhaps from the record company. Andrew: "The Single Factor [...] basically came about by accident. That album was a bit directionless in a way. It suffered considerably as a result of Andy's leaving."
*Fry and Monkman, as well as Herbie Flowers who appeared on Nude were members of Sky during 1981 - 1982. Both Camel and Sky were produced and engineered by Tony Clark and Haydn Bendall in those years. This could be the background for their guest appearances.
*Anthony Phillips is from the very early incarnation of Genesis, who later released several progressive-oriented albums.

Deram CD version includes notes by John Tracy.
LP: Passport PB 6013, Decca SKL 5328. Released on May 6th.
MC: Passport PBC 6013
CD:Passport 38342
Approx Time: Total Playing Time: 38:16

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