Stationary Traveller

Andy Latimer: 12 Strings, Acoustic, Classic and Electric Guitars, Flute, Bass, Piano, PPG, Juno 60, Yamaha CS-60, Drumulator, Pan Pipes, Vocals
Paul Burgess: Drums
Ton Scherpenzeel: Yamaha CS-80, Grand Piano, PPG, Prophet, Accordion, Juno 60
Hyden Bendall: PPG Voices, Fairlight
David Paton: Bass, Fretless Bass
Chris Rainbow: Vocals
Mel Collins: Saxophone

Camel's last studio album of the 80's, a concept album (originated by Susan Hoover's lyrics), about the social and physical division of Berlin. The songs relate to refugees, loss of freedom, struggle and escapade. The title track is one of the highlights of the album, featuring Andy on Pan Flute.
This album is probably the closest to Alan Parson's Project that Camel ever got, with regards to the album's sound, the musical production and the cast of musicians.
The cover has a b/w picture of woman standing in a street (in Berlin?... there are signs in German). The back cover is the same but with the woman now stands backwards. Same idea in the inner sleeve where a woman stands on a road with buildings in the background. Inner sleeve includes lyrics and information.
Available on LP, MC and CD.

* This was Camel's last studio release in the 80s, and remained what appeared to be Camel's swansong for many years, until the band's revival in 1992.
During that period, Latimer was unable to release more albums in the UK due to lack of interest, and was involved in unpleasant law suits. Latimermigrated to the US and formed his own music label, Camel Productions, under which he released Camel's next studio albums, among other releases.
* Susan informs that the album was inspired by a collection of historical stories relating to the wall.
* In 2004 Camel Productions re-released the album in its original intended form. The original song's opening track, In the Arms of Waltzing Frauleins was rejected in 1984 by the record company, and Latimer was rushed into the studio to come up with a new beginning for the album. An edited version of the resulting Pressure Points thus appears at the beginning of the original album. The new CP release puts the intended album tracks back in place, and adds the extended mix of Pressure Points as a bonus track.

LP: Polydor/Metronome 821 504-1, Decca 5334 820 020, Decca SKL 5334. (Released in March??)
MC: Polydor/Metronome 821 504-4
CD:Decca 6052, CP 1012
Approx Time: Total Playing Time: 41:40 (2004 edition: 48:36)

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