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Editor's note: This section is a bit strange, to me too. Insufficient information leads to what we have here. I've got lot's of data coming from various people, and the information is almost always incomplete. This is all I could come up with. 7" or 12" references are obvious, I believe. I need the exact serial numbers, record company, size (7/12 inch), and songs list.
John Tracy claims in one of the CD's liner notes that Camel released only 4 singles. There appear to be more. I asked Andy Latimer but the response was that he didn't really know what nor how many singles were released.

Curiosity/Never Let Go
7", MCA MUS 1177. Released UK, January 1973

Flight of The Snow Goose/Rhayader
Decca F-R 13581. Released May 16th, 1975

The Snow Goose
7", Decca F-R 13603 UK

Another Night
7", Decca F-R 13656 UK
Nick Loebner informs that his copy of the single features a somewhat different take of the song. The single is also backed with a live performance of Lunar Sea, which is different from any other officialy released rendition. Apart for that, this single's sides are strangely recorded at different speeds of 45 rpm and 33 1/3 rpm.

Highways of the Sun (edit)/Tell Me
Decca F-R 13729, Released September 23rd 1977

Remote Romance/Rainbow's End,Tell me
Decca F-R 13879, Released UK, October 26th 1979

Remote Romance
7", Decca 612669, German

7", Decca 6190432, Dutch

7", Decca 6190557, Dutch

Your Love is Stranger than Mine/Neon Magic
Decca F-R 13871, Released February 29th 1980

Long Goodbyes
7", Metronome 001307-7, German

Cloak and Dagger Man
7", Metronome 0215037, German

Cloak and Dagger Man
7", Decca 0200627, Dutch

Cloak and Dagger Man
7", Camel 1, UK

Cloak and Dagger Man / Pressure Points (extended mix)
12",CAMEX1 (820 062-1) 1984, Decca
Jacket Description: Front shows front of a woman wearing trench coat walking from right to left, the rear shows the back of the same woman walking from left to right. Both sides have the same background photo: street in foreground, a big vacant lot, and buildings in the distance. The track like the Stationary Traveller inner sleeve photo.
The extended Pressure Points is the original recording made for the Stationary Traveller album - where it appeared in a shorter form.

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