Rain Dances

Andrew Latimer: 6/12 String Guitars, Pan Pipes, Fretless Bass, Flute, Acoustic Guitar, Electric & Acoustic pianos, Mini Moog, "String synthesizer", Glockenspiel, Treated guitars
Peter Bardens: Mini Moog, String synth, Electric Piano, Organ, Acoustic Piano, Car Horns
Andy Ward: Drums, Nocarina, Teeth, Cheek, Turkish Ring, Money, Percussion, Finger Cymbals, glockenspiel, Liquid Boo Bams, Rototoms, Talking Drum, Smurd, Swanee Whistle, Tunisian Clay Drums
Richard Sinclair: Bass, Vocals
Mel Collins: Saxophones, Bass & Concert Flutes, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Brian Eno: Mini moog, Electric & Acoustic Pianos, Bells, Random Notes
Fiona Hibbert: Harp
Martin Drover: Flugel horn
Malcolm Griffiths: Trombone

Ferguson left, Sinclair joined, Augmenting some Jazzy touch to Camel's progressive music, as well as his unique voice - finally, a Singer. Sinclair's bass work is often more dynamic and complex than Ferguson's solid lines, adding more presence to Camel's rhythm section. This is the first Camel album to feature "shorter" songs, with some pop tendency (Metrognome, Highways of the sun), along with some excellent fusion pieces (Skylines, Unevensong).
The album's back cover has a picture of the band (without Collins), Latimer holding another picture of the band.
Available on LP, MC and CD. Deram CD release features an edited single version of Highways of the Sun.

* Mel Collins in not a member of the group yet, and so are the rest of the guest musicians listed after him. He did play in the live tour that followed.
* Sinclair joined in a rush, after Ferguson left the band a few days before the recording started. His impressive bass work is notable.
* Andy Latimer played fretless Bass on Tell Me and Skylines (rather good!).
* The Rain Dances tour was a sellout. Camel toured Europe, but the American tour, planned for the beginning of 1978, got canceled.
* Producer Rhett Davies had been working with Brian Eno, so he brought him to give his personal touch to Elke. In those days synthesizers were still uncapable of producing multiple sounds, so the notes had to be recorded seperately, weaving together the unique sonic result.
* Sinclair played with Caravan until 1972, then formed Hatfield & The North, releasing two albums with that band. Hatfield's demise left him with no band to play in, until being approached by Camel.

Deram CD version includes notes by John Tracy.
LP: Decca TXS-R 124. Passport PB 9858. Janus JXS-2, Janus 7035, Released in September 1977
MC: Passport PBC 9858, Janus JXSC-2
CD: Deram 820 725-2
Approx Time: Total Playing Time: 41:34 (w/o Highways of the Sun single version)
Rain Dances reached 20 in the charts, 136 on the Billboards charts.

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