Doug Ferguson: Bass
Andy Ward: Drums, Cans, Bottles & Body mist
Peter Bardens: Organ, Piano, Celeste, Mini Moog, Mellotron & Vocals
Andy Latimer: Guitar, Flute & Vocals

A superb album, featuring frequent rhythm changes, organ/guitar dialogues, and some lovely flute solos (as in the incredible Supertwister). Lady Fantasy presents the forthcoming tendency toward long, complicated and emotional pieces. Ward and Ferguson provide a solid rhythm section, smoothly moving between difficult meters. Ward's drumming deserves at least one well focused listening.
The German pressing of the album by Gama has a gatefold cover.

Note: A remastered edition of Mirage has been released in 2002 by Deram/Universal. This edition contains additional 30 minutes in four bonus tracks: Supertwister, Mystic Queen, Arubaluba (all live at the Marquee Club, October 30th 1974) and Lady Fantasy (Alternative mix). Read a comparitive review of the two releases.

* The third track is based on Tolkien's trilogy "Lord of the Rings". The White Rider was the magician Gandalf, and Nimrodel is the name of the lake that goes through the forest of Lorien, the land of the Elves, according to the Tolkien myth.
* The track Supertwister is named after the band Supersister. Susan Hoover: This was a dutch band Camel toured with from time to time. They liked the band and the musicians and had a good time working with them. When searching for a title for the song, they decided to put a "twist" on the name Supersister and so called it "Supertwister".
* Geoff Jukes, Camel's manager formed Gama Records, to which Camel were signed from this album until their 1984's live album Pressure Points.
* Camel had a seven-week tour in the US, supporting Wishbone Ash. The group found themselves playing a 45-minutes show as the 'support' act.
* Some people asked how Camel's relate to the cigarette brand - Andy Latimer responds: "We have nothing to do with Camel Cigarettes". And yet, the famous CAMEL image is printed on all of their CP releases.
* Susan informs that the sound you can hear right at the end of Supertwister was recoded using a beer can.
* You can try pulling a gag with the Mirage tape cassette: Try offering it as a cigarettes pack to someone. Rami Zakh claims that it actually works.

Deram CD version includes notes by John Tracy.
LP:Passport PB 9855, Janus JXS 7009, Gama SML 1107, NorthAmerican NA021. Released in March 1st 1974, UK
MC:Passport PBC 9855
CD:Deram 820 613-2, Deram 8829292
Time:Total Playing Time: 37:47
Mirage reached number 149 on the US Billboard charts.

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