Harbour of Joy

Disc 1: Disc 2: In this tribute double CD various groups perform Camel numbers. The renditions of the songs range from a total re-orchestation to nearly duplicated re-recording, Despite some terrific gems, I personally find the sum total hardly worth buying.
The CD features a 24-pages color booklet with discography and more.
Available from Mellow Records, http://www.pangea.it/music/mellow

* Camel Productions wish to inform fans that Camel benefits in no way from this release. The record company that release this tribute album never bothered contacting Camel's past members, nor even send them a copy. Camel Productions remark that they did enjoy the tribute renditions and appreciate the musician's enthusiasm and respect. Mellow Records claims otherwise.
* The track Fritha Alone sounds like it was ripped off from a Midi file created by Lawrence Dorsey. The same applies to the track Rain Dances, which bears suspicious resemblence to a Midi file by Stanley Rosenthal. Both files appeared on the AOL a few years ago and were apparently used by Louie Mastro, who is creditted for them on the CD. The latter has, quite shockingly, committed suicide at the end of 1996, so there's no way of getting his respond to it. But you can learn more from Stan and the Sequencers web page where Stan details the evidences from his own investigation.

CD: Mellow Records MMP 299 A/B
Approx Time:Total Playing Time: 69', 68'

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