Dust and Dreams

Andrew Latimer: Guitars, Flute, Keyboards, Vocals
Colin Bass: Bass
Ton Scherpenzeel: Keyboards
Paul Burgess: Drums
David Paton: Vocals
Mae McKenna: Vocals
Christopher Bock: Drums
Don Harriss: Keyboards
Neil Panton: Oboe
Kim Venaas: Timps, Harmonica
John Burton: French Horn

After years of total silence, Camel make a comeback in an intense and moving concept album. Somewhat similar to Nude in the global sound, and yet more personal, more complex musically and more touching. Highly recommended for those of you appreciate the 80'ss Camel, but notably very different from Camel's first five progressive albums. The last 8 songs are instrumental, standing together as one piece (a la Nude and The Snow Goose). Most of the tracks are instrumental, and the songs are all terrific. Andrew's guitar playing stands out, as it did in some solos in Nude or Moonmadness, but the album suffers from somewhat mechanic drums playing, sounding too much like electric drums. The album has some wonderful moments featuring nontypical Camel instruments, such as Oboe, Harmonica or Horns, which fall into the right place at the most touching moments.
The CD cover has the lyrics and some excellent B&W photography, related to the concept of the album.

* The record was inspired by John Steinbeck's "The Grapes of Wrath", which was also made into a superb movie by John Ford, in 1940. This is the story of poor farmers from Oklahoma, moving from the Dust Bowl to California during the depression, and being confronted with prejudice and violence. Rose of Sharon is the leading character's bigger sister, who's carrying a baby.
* The concept was arranged by Susan Hoover, who also wrote some lyrics.
*Dust and Dreams recording has begun in UK, and then completed in US. Andy wrote it over the "lost" years between 1984 and 1991. These big time gaps lead to some rewriting of entire sections of the piece.
*In a certain way, Dust and Dreams relates to Latimer and Hoover's imigration from the UK and settling in California, USA.

CD: CP-001CD
MC: CP-001
Approx Time: Total Playing Time: 47:56

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