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This section has been abandoned. The original idea was to list the appearence of each Camel song, yet with the chain of compilations, collections and live recordings the list gets longer and the information irrelevant. The list was last updated in 1998.

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CompilationsLive Albums
CH = Chameleon - The Best of Camel
TC = The Collection
ACC = A Compact Compilation
LA = Landscapes
ETR = Echoes: The Retrospective
ALR = A Live Record
COA = Coming of Age (Album)
GT = Greasy Truckers
NLG = Never Let Go
OR7 = On the Road 1972
OR81 = On the Road 1981
OR82 = On the Road 1982
PP = Pressure Points (Album)
COAV = Coming of Age (Video)
PPV = Pressure Points (Video)
TPV = Total Pressure (Video)

SongWritten bySung byAlso inLive inTime
No Studio Release
Lord of LightBardens  GT, OR7 
Liggin at Loise'Bardens  ALR 
Slow Yourself DownWard, LatimerLatimer  4:45
Mystic QueenBardensFerguson  5:35
Six AteLatimer  OR75:57
SeperationLatimerLatimer  4:54
Never Let GoLatimerBardensETROR81, OR82, ALR, NLG, TPV6:20
CuriosityBardensFerguson  5:52
ArubalubaBardens   6:26
FreefallBardensBardensTC, ACC, LA, ETR 5:47
SupertwisterBardens CH, TC 3:20
The Procession
White Rider


EarthriseBardens, Latimer  NLG6:42
Lady Fantasy:
Smiles For You
Lady Fantasy
Bardens, Latimer, Ward, FergusonLatimer, BardensACC, ETROR7, ALR, PPV, NLG, TPV12:46
The Snow Goose
The Great MarshLatimer, Bardens ACCALR2:02
Rhayader Goes to Town CH, TC, ACC, ETRALR, PP, PPV, NLG, TPV, COA, COAV5:20
Sanctuary LAALR1:05
Fritha LAALR1:19
The Snow Goose ACCALR3:12
FriendshipLatimer ALR1:44
Migration  ALR2:01
Rhayader Alone  ALR1:50
Flight of the Snow Goose ACCALR2:40
Preperation  ALR, COA3:58
Dunkirk ACCALR, COA5:19
EpitaphLatimer ALR2:07
Fritha Alone  ALR1:40
La Princess Perdue TCALR, TPV4:44
The Great Marsh TCALR1:20
AristillusLatimerWardTC 1:54
Song Within a Song Latimer, BardensFerguson, (Latimer)CH, TC, ACC, ETRALR, OR817:12
Chord Change Latimer, Bardens   6:43
Spirit of the WaterBardensBardensTC, LACOA, COAV2:04
Another Night Latimer, Bardens, Ward, FergusonLatimer  6:55
Air BornLatimer, BardensLatimerLA, ETRNLG5:01
Lunar Sea Latimer, Bardens TC, ACC, ETRALR, OR81, COA, COAV9:08
Rain Dances
First LightLatimer, Bardens ACC, LA 5:01
MetrognomeLatimer, BardensSinclairACC 4:15
Tell MeLatimer, BardensSinclairETR 4:06
Highways of the SunLatimer, BardensLatimerTCOR824:29
UnevensongLatimer, Bardens, WardSinclair, LatimerCH, ETRTPV, NLG5:33
One of These Days I'll Get an Early NightLatimer, Bardens, Ward, Sinclair, Collins   5:53
ElkeLatimer ETR 4:26
SkylinesLatimer, Bardens, Ward LA, ETRALR4:24
Rain DancesLatimer, Bardens TC, ACC, LA 3:55
BreathlessLatimer, Bardens, WardSinclairETR 4:20
EchoesLatimer, Bardens, WardSinclair, LatimerCH, LA, ETRNLG7:20
Wing and a PrayerLatimer, BardensBardens (Sinclair)  4:46
Down on the FarmSinclairSinclair  4:25
Starlight RideLatimer, BardensLatimer  3:26
Summer LightningLatimer, SinclairSinclair  6:10
You Make Me SmileLatimer, BardensLatimer  4:18
The SleeperLatimer, Bardens, Ward, Collins ETR 7:08
Rainbows's EndLatimer, BardensLatimerCH 3:01
I Can See Your House From Here
WaitLatimer/McBurnieBass, (Latimer) OR82, PP, PPV, TPV4:50
Your Love is Stranger than MineLatimer, Schelhaas, Ward, BassBass, (Latimer)LA, ETR 3:14
Eye of the StormWatkins   3:42
Who We AreLatimerLatimer, (Bass) OR827:26
SurvivalLatimer   1:04
Hymn to HerLatimer, SchelhaasLatimer (Bass)ETROR82, TPV, COA, COAV5:23
Neon MagicLatimer, Schelhaas/McAuliffeLatimer OR824:39
Remote RomanceLatimer, Watkins CH 4:01
IceLatimer ETRNLG, COA, COAV10:10
City LifeLatimer/HooverLatimer, BassLAOR81, NLG5:02
NudeLatimer CHOR814:18
DraftedLatimer/HooverBassCH, TC, ETROR81, OR82, PP, NLG, TPV, COA, COAV
DocksWatkins, Latimer  OR81, COA, COAV3:50
BeachedLatimer LAOR81, COA, COAV3:32
LandscapesLatimer LAOR812:36
Changing PlacesLatimer  OR814:10
Pomp & CircumstanceLatimer   2:03
Please come homeLatimerLatimer  1:12
ReflectionsLatimer LAOR812:45
CapturedSchelhaas, LatimerTC OR81, OR82, PP, TPV3:13
The HomecomingLatimer   2:40
LiesLatimer/HooverLatimerCH, ETROR82, PP, TPV4:57
The Last Farewell:
The Birthday Cake
Nude's Return
Latimer LAOR814:05
The Single Factor
No Easy AnswerLatimerLatimer OR822:55
You are the OneLatimerLatimerETROR825:20
HeroesLatimer/HooverPaton OR824:47
SelvaLatimer   3:30
LullabyeLatimerLatimer  0:55
SasquatchLatimer TC, ETROR82, PP, PPV, NLG, TPV, COA, COAV4:40
ManicLatimer/HooverLatimer OR824:24
CamelogueLatimer/HooverLatimer  3:41
Today's GoodbyeLatimer/HooverLatimer  4:04
Hearts DesireLatimer/HooverRainbow OR824:00
End PeaceLatimer/Phillips  OR82
Stationary Traveller
Pressure PointsLatimer  PP, PPV, TPV2:06
RefugeeLatimer/HooverLatimerLA, ETRPPV, TPV3:45
VoposLatimer/HooverLatimer PPV, TPV5:30
Cloak and Dagger ManLatimer/HooverRainbowLAPPV, TPV3:50
Stationary TravellerLatimer LAPPV, TPV5:32
West BerlinLatimer/HooverLatimerETRPP, PPV, TPV5:06
FingertipsLatimer/HooverLatimer PP, PPV, TPV4:26
MissingLatimer LA 4:14
After WordsScherpenzeel   1:58
Long GoodbyesLatimer/HooverRainbow PPV5:13
Dust and Dreams
Dust BowlLatimer  NLG1:54
Go WestLatimerLatimer NLG3:42
Dusted OutLatimer  NLG1:34
Mother RoadLatimerLatimer, PatonETRNLG, COA, COAV4:14
NeedlesLatimer  NLG, COA, COAV2:34
Rose of SharonLatimer/HooverPaton, McKenna NLG, COA, COAV4:48
Milk n' HoneyLatimer  NLG, COA3:30
End of the LineLatimer/HooverLatimer NLG6:52
Storm CloudsLatimer  NLG2:06
Cotton CampLatimer  NLG2:55
Broken BanksLatimer  NLG0:34
Sheet RainLatimer  NLG2:14
WhispersLatimer  NLG0:52
Little Rivers and Little RoseLatimer  NLG1:56
Hopeless AngerLatimer  NLG4:56
Whispers in the RainLatimer ETRNLG2:52
Harbour of Tears
Irish AirJohn Morris (traditional)McKenna COA0:57
Irish Air (Instrumental Reprise)Latimer  COA, COAV1:57
Harbour of TearsLatimer/Latimer, HooverLatimer 3:12
CobhLatimer  0:50
Send Home the SlatesLatimer/Latimer, HooverPaton 4:22
Under the MoonLatimer  1:16
Watching the BobbinsLatimer/HooverLatimer 7:12
GenerationsLatimer  1:01
Eyes of IrelandLatimer/HooverLatimer 3:09
Running from ParadiseLatimer  5:20
End of the DayLatime/HooverLatimer 2:28
Coming of AgeLatimer  7:20
The Hour CandleLatimer  8:05

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