Andy Ward: Drums and Percussion
Doug Ferguson: Bass and Vocals on tracks 2,6
Peter Bardens: Organ, Mellotron, Piano, VCS3 Synthesizer and Vocals on track 5
Andy Latimer: Guitar and Vocals on track 1,4

Camel's debut album can be considered among their finest. Very similar in sound textures and production to their second release, it features some jazz-rock improvisation tracks, along with simple (yet grooving) rock songs. Peter Bardens' fantastic Organ improvisations are heavily featured here, although Latimer's guitar solos feel held back a little
The Record's original back cover has a black & yellow picture of the band
The album was once available on LP by MCA records, and was reissued by Camel Productions on CD. The CD has a lyrics sheet and pictures of the group.

Note: A remastered edition of Camel has been released in 2002 by MCA/Universal. This edition contains additional 23 minutes in two bonus tracks: Never Let Go (Single version) and Homage to the God of Light (live at the Marquee Club, 29th October 1974). Read a comparitive review of the two releases.

* Camel sold about 5000 copies in it's first year.
* Camel never got the success it should have had, and it became somewhat a collector's item only years later.
* Camel toured this album, supporting Barcley James Harvest.
* Eddie (no last name) played Congas on Slow Yourself Down. This "Eddie" was a mate of Peter Bardens'. Peter never knew his second name. (Thanks Susan!)
* The CD release does not include the song credits: 3,4,5 by Latimer, 2,6,7 by Bardens, and 1 by Ward/Latimer.
* Andy said to a fan that the photos of the group members were taken at Andy Ward's flat.
* Rami Zakh suggested that the obscure Six Ate title refer's to the song's time signature, which is mostly 6/8. Susan Hoover Approves that it's true.
* Dave Williams, the album's producer, urged the band to find a real singer. The idea was finally dropped after the band auditioned a singer who started dancing on stage while the other were gigging through instrumental improvisations.
* The album's recording started in August 15th and lasted 12 days. Andy Latimer summarized the album's recording as "a bloody nightmare".

LP:MCA 250 634-1, MCA MUPS 473, MCA 2665, MCA 201 350. Released in February 1973
CD:CP-002CD, Deram 8829252
Approx Time:Total Playing Time: 40:22

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