Andrew Latimer: Guitar, CS80/50, Vocals
Peter Bardens: Keyboards
Andy Ward: Drums, Percussion
Richard Sinclair: Bass, Vocals
Mel Collins: Flute, Saxes

The most arguable Camel album. Some fans rank it number one, yet some can't stand it. Given the previous album's feeling of "songs for rainy days", this is Camel's first album since 1974 without a real concept. Although many songs are short and poppy, there are some typically complex and jazzy tracks, (Echoes, The sleeper). Sinclair's influence is more evident here, in a 'spiritual' manner - his vocals, his tongue-in-cheek lyrics and his bass work are all prominent.
The album's inner sleeve has pictures of the members (Collins included).
Beware of One Way Records release which is poorly designed, and has no sleeve notes like the Deram one, although the sound quality is OK. The Deram CD cover has been retouched, the Camel logo and the Breathless title lacking the 'smokiness' featured in the original LP. The Israeli LP release has a different song order printed on the cover, though the record is the same.

* Sinclair wrote Down on the Farm, featuring belches and other strange voices, typical of his days with Caravan and Hatfield and the North.
* Latimer and Bardens wrote the songs in Cornwall.
* While making the album Bardens decided to quit the band, leaving shortly before the recordings were over. He has since then collaborated with Camel on two albums as a guest musician, and maybe played on some unreleased live gigs.
* Mel Collins has become a formal member of the band.
*David Sinclair, Richard's cousin, played keyboards on Rainbow's End, although uncreditted on the album. David then joined Camel on their Breathless tour.
* The intro to The Sleeper was inspired by the seagulls soaring above Golant, Cornwall.

Deram CD version includes notes by John Tracy.
LP:Decca TXS-R 132, Arista 4206, Arista 0798, Decca 6376126, Released in September 22nd, 1978.
CD:Deram 820-726-2, Deram pocd-1827 (Japanese), One Way Records OW 29130 (Canadian)
Approx Time:Total Playing Time: 44:56
Breathless reached Billboard #134

Consumers Alert: A problem has been reported on the Deram CD release of Breathless, as described by Dave of Studio Seventeen:

This error has been reported to happen on the Deram 820-726-2 (UK, printed in Germany). It's been reported that the One Way Records and the Deram Japanese version are fine. Jim Preston reported that his copy of the same Deram release does not carry this defect. I've personally checked the Deram 820-726-2, made in Germany, which didn't have this defect. The One Way Records was ok too.
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