A Nod and a Wink

Andrew Latimer: Guitars, Flute, Keyboarsd, Vocals
Colin Bass: Bass guitar, backing vocals
Guy LeBlanc:Keyboards, backing vocals
Denis Clement: Drums
Terry Carelton: Drums (tracks 2,6), percussion, backing vocals (track 7)
JR Johnston: backing vocals (track 7)

Following a successful tour in 2000, Andrew Latimer and Susan Hoover, supported by Canadian keyboardist Guy LeBlanc, delivered a set of compositions that draw back from the roots of Camel's music, and reflect on them. The result is an often cheerful, light-hearted album, which refers to or quotes from the Prog Rock music of the early 70s and the music of Camel itself. Unlike Rajaz, in which Latimer's guitar was most prominent, this album is laden with a lot of flute and keyboards. While some tracks are obviously amusing and funny, the album's final track, the 10 minutes piece For Today, relates to the disaster of September 11th and concludes the album with a sensitive and emotional climax.

* As stated in the CD sleeve, the song For Today is dedicated to the courageous spirit of the High Diver on September 11th, 2001. The "High Diver" is a reference to person who chose to accept his fate, and dived to his death. The graceful, almost atheletic pose of his body, (http://www.navexpress.com/911/2.htm) inspired Susan Hoover to refer to him as a High Diver.
* Some music and playing styles suggest a reference to other bands or other songs: A guitar riff on Simple Pleasures has references to a vocal part from Rajaz ("The soles of heaven turn to stars..."). The acoustic guitar at the beginning of The Miller's Tale is reminiscent of Anthony Philips guitar work. Fox Hill has a theme which is close to Genesis' Squonk, and is sung with accent and character roles, similar to Peter Gabriel's singing on Genesis' I know what I like, for example.

CD: Released on July 19th, 2002.
Approx Time: Total Playing Time: 55:44

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